Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get banned using the app?

The Dota Coach app will NOT get you banned.
The Dota Coach app is built in top of the Overwolf platform. The Overwolf platform is built in collaboration with Valve and the Dota2 team. Valve has since its beginnings supported the efforts of third party producers to create content and systems that enhance the player's experience.
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How does Dota Coach make money?

The Dota Coach makes money through ads and paid subscriptions.
Most features of the app are available to all players for free. The Dota Coach app makes money through displaying ads in some parts of the app.
Also players can pay a monthly subscription fee to get access to some exclusive features. The pro subscription also turns off the ads.

Does Dota Coach slow down my game?

No, the Dota Coach app does not slow down your game.
All features of the app are light-weight functions that don't use much CPU. Also we are in permanent contact with our players and also do regular surveys about the quality of the Dota Coach app. No performance issues have ever been reported.