Roshan Management

Every Dota player has had numerous encounters with a cute little monster hidden deep in a pit. More often than not, the problematic thing is not Roshan itself but those pesky players from the opposing team. To secure the Roshan kill for your team and acquire the goods that it drops, it helps to approach the whole Roshan-taking action in a structured way. Let's discuss what that entails in this article.

In the first part we’ll explore which specific heroes, items and spells allow you to take down Roshan quickly. The longer you spend killing Roshan the more likely you will be contested by opponents. In the second part we’ll discuss setups and strategies that will lead to your team being able to take Roshan down in the safest possible way while still some or all the opponents’ players are alive. The third part will tackle the problems you’ll run into trying to materialize the advantage of having Aegis and other Roshan items. We’ll touch on what you should be doing if the opponents are in possession of those in the fourth and final part of the article.

Anti-Roshan items and spells

Generally speaking, all the heroes and different hero compositions can take Roshan down given enough time. The time at your disposal is limited though. Here’s the list of spells and items designed to speed up the kill:

Strategies and setup for a Roshan kill

Now that we’ve discussed the “light” stuff, let's move onto the more challenging topic of setting up Roshan. Roshan spawns between 8 to 11 min after it was previously killed. What can you and your team do to make it easier to secure the Roshan kill and collect the rewards? Here are some pointers:

Materializing the advantage of acquiring Roshan items

This is a quite misunderstood concept in the pubs. Players feel like they need to go ham right away and often end up throwing the lead away. This is especially true for the first Roshan. Here are some things to consider when having Aegis, Cheese and other goodies in your pocket:

Playing around opponents having killed Roshan

If the opponents took Roshan that usually also means that you are already or going to be behind very soon in net worth and experience. Thus, you are the mouse in the “cat and mouse” game. Here are some tactics to make it harder for opponents to capitalize on the advantage they have: